Hello to all TwoFish participants.

Week seven is complete and it’s been another very interesting time at TwoFish.

Participants that saw the robots in last week’s newsletter, made robots this week. Participants that saw the art ideas in last weeks newsletter, made those art ideas this week.

Participants that requested more canvases, got their canvases. Others asked for clear nail polish and they got it. There were some great new ideas for jewelry. Can find them in the photo album?

Can you see the picture with the girl and all the stones on the floor? This is Geri. She was explaining the words ‘before’ and ‘after’ to me. Can you figure out how she used the stones to explain the words to me?

Kamen came up with a great way to settle disputes during games. He used the spinner on the board and wrote the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When we were not sure if a goal was scored, he spun the wheel and it decided if a goal was scored.

Lora and Deyan are now on the newsletter team. A big thank you for all your great ideas. By the way, if you’re interested in adding ideas to the newsletter, please click here for more information.

That’s all from me and the newsletter team, see you in your next class.

Robert – senior editor

Deyan – researcher

Lora – researcher

This week’s riddle

What has got four legs, but can’t walk?

See the answer at the bottom of the page.

Last week at TwoFish

Galena has got some new friends. Aren’t they great?

Marti is excited to see the lights working in his house.

Deyan, Ivan and Ina are looking for Wally. Did you find him last week?

Ina, Eli and Kari are very happy to work together. This is their pasta tower. It’s 54cm tall.

Here is Aya, Irenka and Galena. There is one more person. Can you guess who took this picture?

Click here to see all the pictures from last week.

Ideas for class


You can make a beautiful bowl from old buttons.

For more art ideas, click here.


You can organise your pens and pencils with this. All you need is lollipop sticks and hot glue.

For more craft ideas, click here.


This looks interesting.  Do you know that Robert has got all the special materials to make this project?

For more challenges, click here.


These participants are working together. Can you figure out what they are trying to do?

For more team challenges, click here.

Click here to see many more ideas for class.

Hahahaha, ahhhh, wow and mmmm!


See more.


See more.


See more.


See more.

Things to do at home

Somewhere in the classroom, the key is hidden. If you can say the words, you will get a clue where to find it.



If you can find the key and open the treasure chest, there are some treats inside.

This is a great song. Maybe you can sing along?

When you wanna do something that’s new.
And it seems really, really hard to do.
You feel like quitting, you feel you’re through.
Well I have some advice for you

Don’t give up, keep on trying,
Y’all gonna make it (ah yeah) don’t give up.
Don’t ever quit, try and try and you can do it, don’t give up (yeah)

Click here for all the lyrics.

There are mistakes in some sentences but not all sentences.

Can you find them?

  1. They make robots last week.
  2. Does you have any more canvases Robert?
  3. I am cut the paper.
  4. I building a castle.
  5. Who shoes are these?
  6. I’ve known her since she is five years old.
  7. Who does want to play a game now?
  8. I’m really interesting in craft and art.
  9. Everyone want to do the marshmallow challenge.
  10. I often loose against my father when we have a chess match.
  11. Nobody doesn’t want to play Scotland yard.
  12. Robert, we haven’t had a meeting this class.
  13. Did you tidy up the room yet?
  14. We’ve been coming to TwoFish since 9 months.

If that is not enough, can you  spot the difference between the two photos also. Tell Robert what differences you found in the next class.

The answer to this week’s riddle

A table.