• Homework and formal testing replaced with alternatives.
  • A classroom designed specifically for and by children.
  • A curriculum developed by the children and teacher.
  • Opportunities to present and develop personal ideas.
  • A superb range of exciting activities.
  • An approach with high motivation for fluency.

At TWOFISH, we put children first. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on designing a learning experience from a child’s perspective and in the course of doing so, we’ve discovered that there is a lot of evidence and research developed supporting our child centered perspective at TWOFISH.

We’ve removed the stressful elements from the learning experience and replaced them with more activities and processes that invigorate children to use and advance their English. We involve them in the development of the curriculum which results in children learning a very practical vocabulary that really sticks.

We involve them in the development of the physical classroom space. They suggest additions, we deliver and everyone enjoys the result. Fundamentally, we really listen to what children want. Our approach and processes recognise each child as an important contributor to the direction of the class. This leads to tremendous visible personal growth in addition to achieving the language objectives.

DSC_4946Our approach forms a unique and positive relationship with English that typically impacts life beyond the classroom. Children often develop ideas for class at home and engage in English where they did not before.

We capitalise on the fact that children are expert language acquirers already. Our approach focuses on creating a highly engaging environment which provokes children into communicating from a state similar to when they learned their first language. This has lead to some quite amazing outcomes where children themselves produce complex sentence structures without modeling from the teacher.  

During the course, children experience a blend of mentoring and teaching, through which their ideas, passions and interests are expressed. An appropriate communication style and level is tailored for every participant and integrated into class processes and activities. For more on our approach, click here.


Moving Together