The ‘TWOFISH’ brand is designed to be accessible to people of multi level literacy. It works for those that can and cannot read (English). It’s a brand that communicates on more than one level of meaning, so it can be either ultra simple or quite complex.

(1) For illiterate children, its simplicity allows for easy and fun demonstration between children,  they can show two fingers and move their hand like a fish. It’s easy and fun. It’s something that they can also spot and say; ‘look, two fish!’

(2) For  those learning to read, adults or children, when the icons of the fish are connected with reading the school name, it can produce an ‘ahhhh’, a smile in the mind, making learning the name a fun and memorable English lesson. There are two more deeper levels of meaning when the identity is combined with the tagline ‘moving together’.

(3) What do you call two fish moving together in a coordinated and disciplined manner? A ‘school’, albeit a small one. I preferred the definition of a school of fish rather than that of an institution and I felt this wordplay would give greater legitimacy to such an outlandish name in what can be a very traditional sector. TWOFISH is not just a school, it’s a smart school where kids and teachers meet to explore together.

(4) Some fish choose to swim together in a disciplined and coordinated way. This high value behavior is known as ‘schooling’, a necessary behavior that emerged for greater efficiency and safety. Similarly, harmony between parents, teachers and students is necessary for growth and the emergence of next generation learning, both integral parts of this school and central to it’s philosophy.

We encourage children to find harmony in the learning environment by offering a choice of groups to attend and thereafter, permission to define the curriculum. Accordingly, our tagline, our goal and most valuable principle is ‘moving together’.


Kids move at different speeds, they’ve different interests, some are better than others in certain skills and activities. The effort put into identifying a school name and message suitable for both adults and children of varying literacy is wholly representative of the effort and diligence put into catering for the incredible diversity found in every classroom.


moving together