Scan4Rob Maher has been working with children for more than 19 years in Ireland and Bulgaria. In the mid nineties he brought significant improvement to how physical education (mainly gymnastics) was taught in primary schools in the Dublin area.

Through studying the curriculum in Ireland, the UK and Australia he developed new structures, activities and systems that reinvigorated gym time. Such was the success of the program, that within several years he was jointly running one of the largest children’s gymnastic clubs in Ireland and the UK, reaching 10,000’s of children.

Scan34Having worked as the Managing Director of several companies here in Bulgaria since 2004, he has redirected his focus towards education, a sector with tremendous potential for development, discovery and innovation.

TWOFISH is the product of Rob’s previous experience, a close match of his key competencies and an extension of his vision; to develop new strategic systems, learning processes, activities and products for children learning English as a second language (ESL).