Discover a new chapter in children’s education.


Our Difference

  • A stress free and tailored learning approach.
  • A rich vocabulary that kids actually use.
  • A classroom that kids love to be in.
  • A course that develops children holistically.
  • A course that kids are excited to attend.
  • A course with the potential to amaze you. Read more.


Course Info.

  • Weekly morning, afternoon and weekend classes.
  • High interaction with native speaker in level appropriate groups.
  • Delivered by Cambridge ESOL qualified teacher and child specialist.
  • All year round classes and monthly payment plans. 
  • For beginner to intermediate levels with a max of 7 in a group.
  • Next to NDK on Vitosha Blvd., just a few doors from the Central Park Hotel.

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Our Vision

The world, technology and the marketplace are changing and will continue to change in unprecedented and extraordinary ways. Not all children are the same and the age of self directed and creativity driven education is advancing. Our approach recreates and supports children in a return to the conditions under which they learned their native language. Our value comes from the way we look to the future and expose children to a meaningful curriculum from which language is a result of their experience but not their goal. Read more.

Each child has the opportunity to influence the curriculum and see their ideas come to life.

Gain Executive Experience

With us, children learn English while broadening awareness of the world and how it works through many different contexts such as art, electronics, engineering, entertainment, chemistry, biology, games and game design.

Broaden Awareness

It’s not always preferable to go with the flow. Disagreeing is okay. With us, children are encouraged to discover who they are and what makes them tick.


Adventurous, confident, authentic, disciplined, innovative and in control; these are all valuable adjectives experienced in our classroom.

Develop Personally

We invite the world into the classroom and with it comes a meaningful and eclectic range of vocabulary.

Rich meaningful vocabulary

We trust children’s capacity to acquire language which permits a meaningful syllabus and serves them in the development of their ideas, direction, design and problem solving.



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