Hello to all TwoFish participants.

Welcome back and a very happy New Year to all of you.

This January we have got several new items for you.

We’ve got a shop where you can sell products that you’ve made with materials from the workshop. Find out more about the shop below.

We’ve a new library with many new and interesting books. Ina and Lora both asked for books to be bought and they got to see them in their class. They were very happy.

Alice and I wrote, recorded and illustrated a fun story with a challenge. If you like it, we can have great fun with it in you next class. You can find out more below.

I’d also like to welcome the new participants to TwoFish. We’ve so much to share with you all.

By the way, if you’re interested in adding ideas to the newsletter, please click here for more information.

That’s all from me and the newsletter team, see you in your next class.

Robert – senior editor

Deyan – researcher

Lora – researcher

Gery – writer and researcher

Make products and sell them.

Design a motor boat.

This week’s riddle

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

See the answer at the bottom of the page.

Last week at TwoFish

Nino is weighing the chocolate coins for the treasure hunt.

Ina, Lora and Deyan are reading books from our new library.

Magi and Yoana are trying on some costumes.

Lazar is using the sewing machine.

Andrea is climbing on the new ladder.

Krum is using the vertical drill.

Chris is drying the paint with the hairdryer.

Iva is looking at her giraffe.

Dani is making a pillow.

Thea is playing with the water.

Click here to see all the pictures from last week.

Ideas for class


Can you draw a puppy?

For more drawing ideas, click here.


You can make some little puppets and play with them.

For more craft ideas, click here.


This  robot can move quite fast. Would you like to try it?

For more electrical challenges, click here.


You can organise a game of soccer.

For more games, click here.

Click here to see many more ideas for class.

Hahahaha, ahhhh, wow and mmmm!


See more.


See more.


See more.


See more.

Things to do at home

Somewhere in the classroom, the key is hidden. If you can say the words, you will get a clue where to find it.



If you can find the key and open the treasure chest, there are some treats inside.

This is a great song. Maybe you can sing along?

I’ve been standing at the edge of the water

Long as I can remember

Never really knowing why I wish I could be the perfect daughter

But I come back to the water

No matter how hard I try

The TwoFish shop is now open!

This term you make a product and sell it to the other participants.

This is how it works.

Everybody is given 10 coins. With these coins, you can buy materials and make sometime beautiful, exciting or tasty.

Put your product in the display cabinet and write a note about your product. Say what’s great about it. You must also put a price on it.

Then wait until your next class and see if another participant bought your product.

What would you like to make and sell?

Best of luck!

This week, we have got a very special challenge for you.

Here is a story about  Sean and Mary.

They are at the airport and they’ve got a bit of a problem.

The story is not finished, maybe you can you imagine what happens next?

Would you like to act out your ideas in the next class with us?

The answer to this week’s riddle