Hello to all TwoFish participants.

If you are playing the shop game, and you haven’t got many coins, you can do something for someone else and receive the new red coins. There are lots of ideas on the special board. Ivan made a great presentation and sold many tickets. 

Geri wrote a fantastic ending to the Clown story we had a few weeks ago. Here it is, it’s at the bottom of the page.

There are many characters and items missing from our Clash of Clans board game. Maybe you could see what is missing and help us to make them?

By the way, if you’re interested in adding ideas to the newsletter, please click here for more information.

That’s all from me and the newsletter team, see you in your next class.

Robert – senior editor

Deyan – researcher

Lora – researcher

Gery – writer and researcher

Make a character for  ‘Clash of Clans’.

Spin the wheels for new ideas and adventures.

Last week at TwoFish

Iva is doing a puppet show.

Robert is helping Oggi to make a motorcar.

Bobo is spinning a wheel.

Irenka is feeding the fish.

Who is this skeleton?

Magi is holding an electric lightsaber that she made.

Bozhena, Kosio, Kalina and Vasi are figuring out a puzzle for the treasure hunt.

This is Ivan’s top secret show. He sold tickets for 2 coins each.

What are they doing? Any guesses?

Boris is sanding some wood.

Click here to see all the pictures from last week.

Ideas for class


Learn to design beautiful clothes.

For more fashion ideas, click here.


Can you make a spinning top from paper?

For more craft ideas, click here.


Let’s do some spiral art.

For more art projects, click here.

Team games

How quickly can you turn the cups the right way up?

For more games, click here.


Can you make an archer for our ‘Clash of Clans’ board game?

For more on Clash of Clans, click here.

Hahahaha, ahhhh, wow and mmmm!


See more.


See more.


Can you guess which city this is?

See more.


See more.

Things to do at home

Somewhere in the classroom, the key is hidden. If you can say the words, you will get a clue where to find it.


If you can find the key and open the treasure chest, there are some treats inside.

This is a funky song. Maybe you can sing along?

Havana, ooh na-na (ay)
Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na (ay, ay)
He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na
Oh, but my heart is in Havana (ay)
There’s somethin’ ’bout his manners (uh huh)
Havana, ooh na-na (uh)

Here is a great crossword puzzle.

This crossword is about soccer.

Who won the world cup in these years?

In this week’s story, angry cat goes missing.

Here it is along with some activities for you to do.