Choosing TwoFish is choosing to go where you may not have gone before. It’s an adventure. It means trusting your child’s capacity to learn. It means embracing uncertainty. In doing so, you can expect to see your child move through predictable stages of language acquisition as they discover themselves and their inner strength. From forming their first word combinations to original and complex sentence structures, it’s an amazing process to see and to experience. My thanks to all parents for their vision and courage and I think we all agree that it was certainly worth the risk.

Rob Maher  

“English is just a side effect.“

“Our son has been attending the courses at “TwoFish” for four months. For such a short period he has shown significant results – now he knows a lot of new words and idioms, he is trying to create sentences, some of them in different tenses, which is impressive. We are very happy with his progress, but the most important thing is that he has gotten from TwoFish is MOTIVATION.

For us, as a parents, is very hard to convince our kids that “The whole world speaks English” or “That is the future” – yes, the kids are smart and they know that, but that doesn’t work for them. Now our son learns English not because “my mum wants that” but because that is the way to create super cool stuff at TwoFish with Rob and the other guys, the English is just a side effect. How cool is that?”

Found new confidence.

“We have friends from Ireland and although we know them for years, my daughter felt uncomfortable to speak with them in English. After a few months with Robert she now has the confidence to speak with them.

You can’t really know about life just because you’ve read a book about it. You must experience it. Language is no different. Robert’s managed to make a mini English laboratory for kids. They learn through experience, through problem solving and they’ve opportunity to discover themselves.

I want to thank you that TwoFish exists. I am so grateful for the classes you have created. I can’t wish for something better for my daughter. Kids need exactly this to use and widen their potential!”

“thinks in English.“

“My 7-years old daughter now thinks in English. She is calm, she has excluded the discomfort of not knowing and the fear of disapproval. She loves English and she is pleased to explore through it…

My 9-years old son adores the adventure in the world of English language. The easy-going atmosphere and Rob’s ingenuity make Twofish a favourite place for him. This world of English is as sown seeds in him and they’ve sprouted just in time. He learns grammar imperceptibly, while playing. Neither he, nor I understand exactly how.

The creative capacities of the children are fully developed. No fatigue. Ease, entertainment and exceptional results.

At Twofish, children not only learn English without thinking, but they also build their character. They follow their inner nature and emotions, bit by bit revealing their potential and learning effortlessly and with joy. They feel free to express themselves and communicate with others.”

“unstoppable desire to do more, to learn more“

“My daughter makes a lot of projects, works on many ideas, engages in interesting research – all in an English spoken (and written) environment and in the process of playing, in undertaking different endeavours, her English just falls into place. There’s no forcibly instilled grammar rules to memorize, no boring exercises, no tests, no tears and frustration. Only pure joy and unstoppable desire to do more, to learn more, to explore the next naturally born idea. That’s exactly what TwoFish is putting on the table.

And my daughter and her friends are delightfully hungry for more. They do not take it lightly if, for some reason, they are to miss a visit. So, thank you, Robert, for the inspiration you kindle in them, for tickling their curiosity, for being such a significant adult, yet a true friend, in their lives! And finally and most importantly, thank you for the smiles on their faces, every time, invariably!

It’s a wonderful job you are doing. The best I’ve seen!”

“the academic approach obviously wasn’t for her“

“My daughter had lost interest in English after the second year in a typical English language center. The academic approach obviously wasn’t for her and I’m glad I found the right place for her to restore her interest in English.

She does not only enjoy learning and speaking English but discovered many new interests and activities in that process such as doing magic tricks, singing songs accompanied by a self made guitar, inventing new games and working with different materials. She is trying to express herself in English more often and is looking forward to every new lesson! Thank you Rob!”

“language comes by itself.“

“We’re planning our summer holiday. My three children are very happy and excited, but my son says: “Mum, plan the holidays in a way that we’ll be in Sofia on Saturday as I don’t want to miss my English class! His sister: “We can go to Prague on Sunday and come back on Friday and we’ll be here for our English class. And their younger brother joins in: “I want to have an English course too. Sign me up, mum. I want to go after an hour!”

That is a real conversation between our family. It is enough to describe TwoFish as a place and Rob as a teacher. The crucial point is that, at TwoFish the children feel free with English and the language comes by itself. They create and feel right at home, but it is their English home.”

“communicated in English easily and naturally“

“During our summer vacation I was impressed how my 7 years old son communicated in English easily and naturally with kids from all over the world.

Thanks to Rob from TwoFish, my son has learned not only new words but also how to engage in conversation and more importantly, how to engage in activities with other foreign kids. Thank you Rob and we will see you again in September! “